Please make sure you have properly read the categories and criteria before entering. The criteria is different for each category and you are able to enter multiple categories. You can also enter more than one product in each category provided they are different products or services.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Friday 26th July 2019 at 11:59PM.

CEO Award

This award recognises top executives of large corporate and governmental organisations that have displayed verifiable commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of staff and subordinates. This is in recognition of the pivotal place leadership commitment plays in the achievement of organisational HSE goals.

Torchbearers Award

A Torchbearer leads or inspires others in working towards a valued goal. This award celebrates safety professionals who have impacted others by promoting/raising safety awareness in their world of contact (workplace, place of abode, religious environment etc.) within the award calendar year prior to receipt of nominations.

HSE Manager of the Year Award

The HSE Manager of the Year Award recognises a health and safety manager who made a significant contribution to the implementation or enhancement of health, safety or wellbeing standards at work.

The individual must also have a role wherein at least 50% of all tasks undertaken are focused directly at the host organisation’s core health, safety and wellbeing functions. They must also have made a significant contribution to the introduction and promotion of standards within the health, safety or wellbeing. Any person accomplishments prior to this date are not relevant and will not be eligible for entry.

Lifetime Award

This prestigious award recorgnises an outstanding individual who has made a tremendous contribution to their industry (fire, security, health & safety) during their lifetime. This is chosen by our judging panel of key industry bodies and figure heads.

Merit Award

This award celebrates organisations that have displayed unflinching support for and promoted the work of recognised safety professional bodies in Nigeria. The organisations must also have integrated Health and Safety as part of their core practices. Awardees are nominated by selected credible national professional bodies (ISPON, SOEHPON, WSO, ASSE, IOSH, FPAN etc.) OR governmental agencies (Ministry of Labour and Employment, FRSC, Lagos State Safety Commission etc) for their visible role in promoting Health and Safety.

Safety Product of the Year

This award recognises a safety product that is standard compliant, and has been nominated by no fewer than 5 credible organisations attesting to its effectiveness in enhancing workplace safety.

Public Safety Award

To win in this category, the nominee (individual, organisation or government agency) must have distinguished themselves in offering a unique service for the protection of man. Federal or state traffic management bodies may be awarded for their unique Road Safety management initiatives and campaigns, OR a Security personnel for their exceptional services in public interest, OR an individual for their lifesaving efforts in the public space.

Safe School Award

The safe school award is presented to a reputable school for demonstrable commitment to promoting a safe and conducive learning environment for students and staff.

Best Health & Safety in Construction

This category is designed to recognise a construction project, which has an exemplary health and safety record. Entrants must explain how the project ensured the health, safety and wellbeing of anyone who had access to or worked on the construction site.

Best Health & Safety in Manufacturing

This category is designed to recognise a manufacturing premises, which can demonstrate either an exemplary health and safety record or how it has taken significant steps to improve health and safety standards. Entrants must explain how they have ensured the health, safety and wellbeing of anyone who had access to or worked at the premises.